About Us

Llanthony Secunda Priory Trust (LSPT) was formed in late 2007 to manage, restore and preserve Llanthony Secunda Priory. Gloucester City Council had owned the site since 1974 but had failed to find a solution to making it a viable community space. LSPT was established to "make a difference". During the past seven years the Trust has raised over £340,000 from grant giving trusts to fund emergency repairs and conservation measures on the most seriously at risk areas. LSPT comprises up to 12 trustees with wide ranging experience. All of the Trustees are unpaid volunteers who are very enthusiastic and single minded in their ambitions to protect and celebrate the heritage at Llanthony. 

The Trustees

Jeremy Williamson - Chairman, Liz Griffiths - Secretary, Sir Henry Elwes, Peter Evans, Sarah Gilbert, Graham Howell,  Ian Patton, Phil Staddon, Ian Stainburn, Paul Toleman, Martyn White, Patrick Taylor and Julie Finch

Project Manager to the Trust

Dr Edwina Bell:  can be contacted via: edwina.bell@llanthonysecunda.org 

 Heritage Manager for the Trust

Emma Davies: can be contacted via:  emma.davies@llanthonysecunda.org 

Advisors to The Trust:

Andrew Armstrong & Charlotte Bowles-Lewis [Gloucester City Council]
Mel Barge [English Heritage]  

For general inquiries please contact the Trust via info@llanthonysecunda.org 

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