Project scope

The project will create a vibrant usable green space for the people of Gloucester, incorporated into an important heritage site, with the opportunities for all to learn about the history of the priory and to participate in a wide range of activities. It will –

  • Develop the site for a wide and diverse audience and encourage participation from community groups;
  • Develop sustainable uses for the Priory Lodgings, Great Stables, tithe barn and the site in its entirety which will ensure long term economic stability and funds to support management and development of the site;
  • Provide facilities and events for interpretation of the heritage of the site and the Priory manuscripts;
  • Place the post-reformation history of the site in the context of the development of the city, its industries, and rail, road, river and canal communications;
  • Link the site to other cultural and ecclesiastical sites and monuments in the city;
  • Provide a permanent educational facility on the site with displays of research / interpretation and documents, and a centre for increased community and volunteer interaction;
  • Create a landscaped open space within the waterside development area, freely available to the public – with community facilities (toilet/kitchen area) located in the Stables range;
  • Conserve and repair the standing structures on the site;
  • Undertake further archaeological and investigative work on site.
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