Project summary

Llanthony Secunda Priory is a site of national historic, cultural and archaeological significance located a short walk from the centre of historic Gloucester, surrounded by 21st century waterside regeneration. This project will comprehensively repair and conserve the six Grade 1 listed structures, developing sustainable uses for the main buildings and the entire site, while interpreting the 900 year story of this long misunderstood, hidden site to a diverse audience.

The project will:

  • Provide an on-site Interpretation Centre covering the religious, social and historic importance, with links to its dispersed library of manuscripts:
  • Animate the site with events and activities:
  • Provide a permanent educational multi-use facility in the Medieval Lodgings, leased to the local Gloucester:
  • College, providing the basis for full financial sustainability:
  • Repair and conserve all the site‘s heritage assets.:
  • Deliver an "exemplar“ landscape design:
  • Connect the site with local communities and the surrounding city regeneration.
  • Our project comprises the development and interpretation of Llanthony Secunda Priory and its fascinating 900 year history. The site is a unique heritage asset, containing a collection of six Grade 1 listed buildings, the legacy of one of the most influential religious houses in the Country. Llanthony‘s heritage is much more than a collection of old relic buildings, structures and buried archaeology. Its story has long been hidden away and neglected but provides a fascinating and rich source of knowledge. Llanthony tells the stories of turmoil and uprising in Wales; religious persecution and the quest for sanctuary; the power, wealth and influence of religious houses and figures in shaping our nation; the Crown and Royal visits; Dissolution, agrarian revolution, the English Civil War and the Siege of Gloucester, through to the Industrial age, neglect and despoliation and the miracle of Llanthony‘s survival today. Our project is about continuing this heritage story and defining Llanthony‘s role today in a regenerating modern city and writing its future story - bringing it to life for communities and future generations. Whilst we recognise that Llanthony‘s audience was very underdeveloped when the Trust was founded, its heritage is already important to a wide range of audiences and stakeholders at different spatial levels:



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